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Birthstone Necklaces

A textured square pendant with each birth months gemstones embedded.

Birthstone Necklaces

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Vergrößern Continuous cubic zirconia diamonds clear tennis necklace
Vergrößern Continuous clear diamond tennis necklace
Vergrößern Continuous clear diamond tennis necklace for layering
Vergrößern Tennis Halskette — Klar
Vergrößern Tennis Halskette — Klar

Tennis Halskette — Klar


Die klassische Tennis-Halskette von Betty and Biddy. Ein durchgehender Strang aus klaren Zirkonia-Steinen an einer dünnen Kette.


Größe: 15 Zoll mit Verlängerung

Material: Zirkonia/Kupfer

Star Necklaces

Petite and delicate star charm necklaces set on fine gold chains. The most soft and feminine star necklaces for a stylish finish to your accessory look.

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Chunky Hoops

It's no secret that we love hoops and our newest collection has texture, detail, diamantes and twists. Creating a statement with your hoop just got easy.

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Layering Necklaces

The layers you need to add an edge and twist to your layering game. Add one? Add two? Add three? There are no rules with Betty + Biddy.

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